10 10 Reasons why patients prefer Surgery Without Medical Insurance.


Best economical and medical option for patients without Medical Insurace, and for those who do not quality for Medi-Cal, Medicare or private insurance.


CSF is committed in maintaining a personalized, open and caring communication with all our patients. We will assist them step by step before and after surgery. English/Spanish.


CSF will be an advocate for patients in negotiating the best prices for their medical/surgical treatments.


CSF only contracts with recognized doctors who are licensed in California, USA.


All surgeries are performed in the best hospitals in Bakersfield, CA and together with our physicians we make possible this great mission.


CSF has agreements with financial companies that offer surgical loans up to $2,500 at low interest rate for those who prefer and are approved.


with CSF patients do not have to travel outside the United States.


CSF "Surgical Package" simplifies everything and makes it practical for the patient.


CSF will assist in finding hotel and accommodation for patients who are coming from out of twon at discounted prices.


CSF is committed in the well-being of the community keeping the working class active, productive and at the same time preserving the family economy.